Making the decision to invest in solar is a big commitment, with so many questions and choices to make. Not only are you looking for savings on your electricity bills, but also searching for a high-quality system that is built to last. At Amps ‘N’ Volts we are able to provide that.

Our prime solar electrician Andy is trained and licensed in solar installs, as well as being recognised by the Clean Energy Council of Australia, to legally perform installations and repairs that conform to Australian Standards. Second to this we also hand pick all of our materials, to ensure that you receive the highest quality from day one.

Recently, Andy has also completed training in the battery and storage aspect of solar panel installations.

As well as installations, we are also able to provide repairs and maintenance to your solar PV system. For example, do you find that your system doesn’t work as efficiently as it once did? Or are you paying more on your electricity bills and wondering why? Our team are able to inspect your system and provide a report on its efficiency, and any potential hazards or damage they may find. From this diagnostic report, we are then able to identify any issues and provide you with options to move forward.

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